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Position Description: 

Tether is a data driven startup that optimizes the charging patterns of Electric Vehicles parked throughout a city, aggregating them into the world's largest virtual battery that reinforces the stability of the power grid. We are looking for candidates with a background in Data Science or Machine / Deep Learning who want to develop predictive models for time-series data such as electricity market prices, EV driving behavior, or power system frequency.  

One of the major challenges for Tether is the forecasting of not only the grid frequency and electricity prices, but also the charging patterns of each individual EV user. This position will consist on further developing time-series forecasting and consensus Machine-Learning models to accurately predict these parameters and ensure bid reliability. On top of that, we are looking for experts that can analyze, visualize, and create explanatory reports from the millions of data points we collect.

We want candidates that are impact driven, looking for a dynamic and collaborative work environment, and are interested in helping to develop the optimization algorithm at the heart of the company.

Keywords: #Python, #Machine-Learning, #Matplotlib, #Seaborn, #Plotly, #PowerBI, #Tableau, #Sci-kit-learn, #Tensorflow, #Keras


Clean and Aggregate Data

Organize, filter, and clean the relevant data on market prices, EV driver parking schedules, and grid frequency into usable datasets.

Predictive Models

Build regression, Machine Learning, or Deep Learning models for complex, dynamic datasets, and derive stochastic scenarios from these.

Data Visualization and Reports

Discover and visualize trends and correlations in datasets, and create explanatory reports that show the insights uncovered in the data.


  • Intermediate to advanced proficiency in Python
    Numpy, Sci-py, Pandas, Polars, Python dataclasses, functools, etc.
  • Data Science Modules
    Pandas, Polars, XLWings; bonus points if familiar with Flask, Django, etc.
  • Data Visualization
    Matplotlib, Seaborn, Plotly, Bokeyh, Tableau or PowerBI, etc.
  • Machine Learning
    Sci-kit Learn, Keras, Tensoflow, statsmodels, pmdarima, etc.
  • Proficiency in English language
  • Good Communication skills and team player
  • Autonomous time management / dynamic load management
  • Troubleshooting code / Independent research

About the Team

  • Small founding team with full and part time interns, several internal and external multidisciplinary advisors.
  • The employee will be leading the development of predictive models, but is expected to work in conjunction with adjacent developers and interns on code development.
  • Will directly report to founding team on development progress. 
  • Will use Agile Methodologies to synchronize deliverables with adjacent developers.

Offered Benefits

  • Position is not fully remote, but will be highly flexible. Preferred hybrid work.
  • Co-working space with flexible tables. 
  • Laptop / accessories not provided by the company.
  • Career Development .
    Current hire will lead algorithm development, with option to lead future hires and interns in future development.
  • Access to DataCamp, for upskilling certification.
  • Employee with have vested equity provided from an employee options pool.
  • Flexible and dynamic work schedule.
  • Benefits:   
    Employee benefits will adhere to Spanish Regulations, including paid time off, sick leave, holidays, and 13th + 14th salaries. 


Let us know why you think you're the best fit for this role, and we'll get right back to you!

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