About Us

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Tether's software connects to parked Electric Vehicles -- coordinating the charging of thousands of vehicle batteries and turning them into flexible assets and the world's largest virtual power plant.
Our mission is simple:

We want to democratize the Energy Transition and empower individuals in the fight against Climate Change.

We are dreamers.

We believe in a more sustainable tomorrow - a tomorrow where everyone, no matter who or where you are, can contribute towards our goal of clean, resilient, and renewable power.

For too long, we have let special interests disrupt and dissuade real climate action and obfuscate the urgency of decarbonization;  and now, if we are to have any chance in solving the climate crisis, we need innovative and disruptive solutions to our big problems - and there is none bigger than the way we produce and consume energy. The old way of doing things can no longer be acceptable - and that's why we've built Tether.

At our company, we are committed to adopting the new, and we're not afraid to take risks - so we're opted to use the vast quantities of lithium batteries available in the growing numbers of Electric Vehicles to tackle this issue. This has never been done before, but by choosing to tap into this vast network of distributed consumers, we can decarbonize our grid without needing to rethink the whole system - and through directed, collective action.

We believe that climate leadership is not just about having an individual impact: it is about extending that reach and empowering millions of normal, like-minded individuals like us to come together and effect real, actionable change; that's what the democratization of the Energy Transition really means. So when we synchronize EVs to help stabilize the utility grid, reducing the need for compensating fossil fuels and allowing for the introduction of even more renewable power, that's not just a good business model - it's a statement to the core belief of this company:

By coming together, we can achieve great things.

Join us on this journey.

Founding Team

We truly believe in changing the way we consume energy. We are engineers and entrepreneurs committed towards the democratization of power. The energy revolution is already here and we have the passion and skills to help make it happen.

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Luis Medina Rivas
Co-founder and CEO

Luis has a background in Power Systems, Energy Storage, and Renewable Energy. Prior to Tether, Luis worked at Northvolt as an Integrated Systems Engineer in Sweden, and for General Electric Solar as a Design Engineer in the United States, overseeing the electrical drafting and interconnection of industrial and utility-scale Solar PV plants.

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Martim Perestrelo
Co-founder and COO

Martim has a background in Electricity Markets and Renewable Energy. He has a passion for management and entrepreneurship, and has started other startups in the past. Prior to Tether, Martim worked for an battery energy storage startup that specialized in providing electrical reserves in the Netherlands. 

Advisory Board

We've surrounded ourselves by experts relevant to each aspect of our company, ranging from Business Development to Machine Learning to Electricity Markets. If knowing is half the battle, with all these experts around us, the future looks bright!

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Julien is the founder and previous CEO of Envivio, a video encoding company which went public on NASDAQ and was acquired by Ericsson. He is directly involved in our Business Development.

Julien Signes
Lead Advisor
and Board Member
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Jeremy is a leading cloud architect with prior experience in Adobe, Oracle, and Microsoft. He currently leads his own development company, BriteSnow. Oh, and let's just say he really likes Rust.

Jeremy Chone
Principal Cloud Architect and
Back-End Advisor
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Forbes 30 Under 30 in the Energy Division, PhD in Machine Learning, National Science Foundation Research Fellow, and co-founder of CRCL Solutions - Thomas needs no introduction. 

Thomas Sherman
Machine Learning
and Forecasting Advisor
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Mohammad is a Post-Doctoral Fellow and faculty at the Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden. He has won several awards for his research, and has published numerous papers on electricity market design.

Mohammad Reza Hesamzadeh
Electricity Markets Advisor
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Co-founder and CEO of Amperehour Energy, a multinational startup that uses repurposed EV batteries for stationary Battery Energy Storage, Ayush is a technical advisor on all things batteries!

Ayush Misra
Battery Energy Storage and
Project Development Advisor

Employees & Interns

Our team of designers, entrepreneurs, and engineers are committed to the adoption of Renewable Energy and our collective transition to Net Zero, and we are convinced EVs can play a major role in that journey. We are full of hardworking people that believe in our vision.

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Guillem has been with us for a while, but his recent efforts are aimed at helping improve the many forecasting techniques needed at Tether.

Forecasting Engineer Intern
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Aylin has been instrumental in the introductions to our first clients, partners, and prospective EV users. Go Aylin!

Sales & Customer Outreach Intern
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Helene is one of the newest members joining Tether! She's been helping to develop our SARIMAX models for time-series forecasting.

Forecasting Engineer Intern
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Enzo has been helping Tether develop predictive methodologies, pythonic models, and research European electricity markets.

Market & Data Analyst Intern
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Renga is a talented Python developer helping the team with our Machine Learning, our data structures, and our Back End. 

Data Scientist Intern
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Benny has been hard at work developing our Machine Learning algorithm for predicting Balancing Market prices. 

Data Scientist Intern

Want to Join the Team? 

We are constantly looking for new partners, clients, engineers, and developers that believe in our mission. At Tether we want to create not only an amazing product, but also an amazing work environment. Our interns, advisors, and partners hail from Mexico to Sweden to Portugal and even India, and we have a near 50% gender split. 

A startup is a dynamic business, so don't feel like you have to wait for a posting. Reach out at any time, and if you're the right fit we'll be happy to bring you onboard. 

When we come together, we can achieve great things. 

"Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were. But without it we go nowhere." - Carl Sagan