Prediction Engine

You give us data. We give you an actionable driver persona.  

Our prediction engine gives you insights into your users' historical & future behavior that anybody in your company can make sense of. 

User Analysis

Cluster & classify drivers

User Prediction

Know how & when user will charge

Synthetic Users

Generate realistic driver personas

Identify & classify EV user profiles

Everyone has their own life, their own habits, their own schedule. Tether analyses your drivers and compares them to other users, be it a general population or a subset of your users, to understand what kind of driver they are.

Generate realistic synthetic drivers

People are more alike than they think, but good data is hard to come by. Don't let that stop you. Generate realistic synthetic data based on real drivers to complement your dataset. Or start from scratch and generate new user personas based on your preferences.

Predict driving & charging behavior

To truly give a tailor-made customer experience and unlock the real value of EVs via smart charging and V2G, you need good forecasts - on an aggregate & individual level. Know what your users are going to do, before they do it.

 Actionable reports your team can use

So you have a lot of data; what good is it if your team can't use it? Tether generates individual and aggregated user reports that don't require a data-scientist to understand - so they can focus on the customer experience.