Smart Charging & V2G

Tether unlocks the full value of EVs through smart charging & flexibility.  

Using our predictive engine, Tether can bid the flexible charging of Electric Vehicles on EU Electricity Markets to earn additional revenue. 


Revenue earned per year*

up to 3.7ktons

CO2 reduction / MW*


Battery Degradation Reduction*

Increase revenue streams

We are convinced that an EV is a mini power plant on wheels. Tether enables you to earn passive revenue from every charger and every vehicle throughout its lifetime from participation in EU electricity markets via V1G / V2G.

Contribute to a greener future

By leveraging idle electric vehicles for flexibility services, Tether directly contributes towards the adoption of more intermittent renewable energy, while directly reducing our dependence on fossil fuel power plants.

Reduce battery degradation

The battery on an EV is unused 95% of the time. That means how you don't use a battery is arguably more important than how you do. Tether manages your charging and battery state so your customer batteries last longer

Hassle-Free Operations

Tether handles market participation, market bidding, and analytics. It's risk free additional revenue without any of the hassle.  Now that's win-win. 

The numbers presented at the top banner are approximations and may change over time as product development continues. The remuneration figures represent initial assessments from pre-alpha versions of the algorithm and are based on a standard set of vehicle charging windows and FCR prices. The CO2 emissions figure represents an assumed reduction from a third-party FCR emissions study, and assumes average Netherlands Reserve generation; this figure will vary significantly based on the types of reserves that are activated in each market. Battery degradation testing is still being performed, and the presented figure represents an early approximation based on standard lithium ion passive degradation parameters under standard test conditions, and will vary based on usage patterns and storage conditions.